WE, at TravelBug Philippines want to promote travel as a form of education and encourage everyone to develop a sense of travel and exploration. At the same time, we want to showcase to the world the unique beauty of the Philippine archipelago.
Travel has changed a great deal in the past few decades. It has gone from a pastime of the elite to an activity for everyone, thanks to budget airlines. From lugging heavy, worn-out guidebooks, you can now download travel apps on your phone. From asking friends and family for advice, you can ask the world through online websites and communities.

Travel is an essential part of lifelong learning. Luckier ones have the privilege of traveling while they are young, while some of us have to wait until opportunities present themselves through exchange programs, volunteer activities, internships, and scholarships abroad. We aspire for everyone to experience the joy of exploration, starting with the youngest learners. A trip to a nearby museum or adventure park may spark curiosity and instill valuable life lessons. After all, learning from books and articles on the internet is entirely different from actually experiencing. This personal investment in experiences offers rewards no tuition, no matter how expensive, can ever buy.

Travel not only teaches us to be passionate about life and what we do, but also expands our minds, opens our eyes to the meaning of humanity and compassion. It helps us rethink our judgements and interpretations of the world, and opens the doors to new and exciting opportunities. Our education system may still be improved by incorporating more travel opportunities for both students and teachers. After all, travel is the best and most exciting form of education, and the learning and connections we make in the process stay with us for a lifetime.

Dare to get bitten by the infectious travel bug and explore as far and as frequently as possible — outside the confines of the four walls of the classroom, away from all-too-familiar cities and spaces, beyond our personal comfort zones.

There is so much to see and learn out there. When the world is your school, your options are limitless.

Tell us, where do you want to go?

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